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Handmade stainless steel BBQ, Barbekon

Charcoal BBQ, hand made in stainless steel

Handmade stainless steel BBQ, Barbekon

Charcoal BBQ, hand made in stainless steel


BARBEKON is sold worldwide! We deliver the BBQ completely free in West Flanders, East Flanders, Antwerp and Brussels. We send the BBQ to Flemish Brabant, Walloon Brabant, Hainaut, Limburg, Namur, Liège, Luxembourg and abroad via a transport company. The transport costs are then at the expense of the customer.

Top Flemish quality on which BBQ dishes are prepared worldwide

Well-liked concept from the poles to the equator.


Personalize your Barbekon with a laser inscription of your name, a personal text, a logo on the front of your barbecue. A wonderful gift or beautiful publicity.

A personalized business gift that never wears out.

Surprise your friends or business partner with a unique Barbekon.

How it works

The grill, coal container and ashtray can be moved steplessly from each other, this is unique! With this the fast start is achieved, after which you can adjust the temperature to perfection. You can roast without stress within 10 minutes! The stepless variable adjustement ensures that you can roast much slower so that everything stays juicier and you have more time for your guests.


Ingenious technology that saves you work!

Advanced customized options!

High Quality

BARBEKON grill grids can never warp! Each stainless steel tube is hollow and can expand freely in its frame.

The Barbekon is fantastic, the used sheet thicknesses and materials, like its beautiful design, can not be compared with other barbecues. Leave him outside all year, everything was developed with a view to sustainability.

100% stainless steel to your size and handmade!

Handmade barbecue in stainless steel

Aesthetically top and indestructible


Innovatief aan de Barbekon is de traploze regeling van zowel de grill, de kolenbak en van de asbak. Uniek is zijn ingebouwd snelstart systeem.

BBQ-BARBEKON is een topklasse en oerdegelijk houtskool barbecuetoestel.

Deze BBQ set voldoet aan alle wensen van de meest veeleisende professionele chefs, traiteurs, cateraars, beenhouwers en particuliere hobbykoks. Zijn strakke design is een streling voor het oog, hij past in elke tuin, op elk terras, op elk event of party !

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