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The story of Barbekon

The Barbekon is ideal for professional chefs, caterers, butchers and hobby chefs. It fits in every garden, on any terrace, at every event and party due to its smooth design..

The BARBEKON BBQ can also be used as a smoker using the optional cover with build in temperature gauge and airstream control. This configuration also makes it possible to do some Slow-cooking as it delivers perfect control of al desired temperatures.

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The story of Barbekon


What's innovative with the Barbekon is the stepless regulation of both the grill, the coal tray and the ashtray. Its built-in quick-start system is unique.

BBQ BARBEKON is a top class and solid charcoal barbecue appliance.

This BBQ set meets all requirements of the most demanding professional chefs, caterers, butchers and private hobby chefs. Its sleek design is a feast for the eyes, it fits in any garden, on any terrace, at any event or party!

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